Hypnotherapy: IACT Certified

Past Life Regression, Anxiety, phobias, stop smoking, weight loss,

ife management

$80.00 per Hour with a 2 hour minimum.

Energy Intuitive Readings: 

Psychic Readings with Stone Therapy

$60.00 per 30 Minutes Phone appointments Available

Crystal Therapy with Intuitive Guidance

Bringing your energetic system back into balance with products of the earth.

$70.00 Per Hour 1 Hour Minimum

Reiki Restorative

Charging up and renewing your system with gentle Reiki energy

$80.00 per hour 1 Hour minimum

Reiki Restorative, Crystal Therapy, and Intuitive Guidance

combine all 3 in one session for a power packed Session

$150.00 per 1.5 hours

Elemental Reading:

Energetically charged Elements (Crystals, Wood, Shells, Plants) arranged to 

raise the spacial vibration in your office or home to facilitate your healing 

environement. Psychic Reading included.

Size: Large: 5-6 Elements plus photo and care sheets.

$74.00 please view Facebook for examples.

Meditation Garden Design:

Landscape Design in CAD that is intuitively put together to create the highest

vibrational space at your home or business. 

$85 per Hour with a 2 Hour minimum.


Check, Cash, and Credit Cards accepted


Example: Elemental Reading