Crystal Therapy & Readings

Energetic Restorative


Kaycey Hadl is a Psychic Medium that has been creating with The Elemental since 2014. Kaycey's background in the metaphysical field includes Holy Fire Reiki Certification 2, Prana Yoga Instructor,Certified Hypnotherapist, & Horticulturist. Kaycey designs Intuitive Sacred Spaces, known as "Elemental Readings" to provide individuals with their own tools to create higher vibrations in and around their spaces. Kaycey's Landscape Design-Horticulture Background allow her to combine elemental objects and clairiosentient techniques to create unique designs for each individual. Kaycey's natural intuitive abilities allow her to feel other individuals energetic/emotional vibrations. With this ability, she provides Crystal Stone Readings, Intuitive Energetic Readings, Crystal Stone Therapy, Psychic Mediumship, and intuitive designs.