Crystal Therapy & Readings

Energetic Restorative


Kaycey Hadl is a Psychic Medium that has been creating with The Elemental since 2014. Kayceys background in the metaphysical field include Holy Fire Reiki Certification 2, Prana Yoga Instructor, and Certified Hypnotherapist. Kaycey also designs Intuitive Sacred Spaces, known as "Elemental Readings" to provide individuals with their own tools to create higher vibrations in and around their spaces. Kaycey's Landscape Design-Horticulture Background allow her to combine elemental objects and clairiosentient techniques to create unique designs for each individual. Kaycey's natural intuitive abilities allow her to feel other individuals energetic/emotional vibrations. With this ability, she provides Crystal Stone Readings, Intuitive Energetic Readings, Crystal Stone Therapy, and intuitive designs.